Woven Fan Scarves

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Product Details

  • Acrylic and polyester yarn is produced for our woven fan scarves by using a high quality weaving technique.
  • We can use up to 8 different colors on the same fan scarf, colored photos and print quality touches can be used on the fan scarves.
  • Woven fan scarves are the best way for a supporter to show their passion for their team.
  • Recently fan scarves have become one of the most attractive accessories in the sporting arena for fans to show their loyalty.
  • Standard size is 140x20cm+Tassel
  • %80 Acrylic %20 Polyester

Fan scarf production is carried out by many companies today. There are knitwear fan scarf, woven fan scarf, polar fan scarf, summer satin fan scarf varieties that you know are produced in many ways. In the production of MSV ATKI company, all models without logos or logos are in production. We will inform you about our weaving fan scarf models.

In our company we have mentioned many kinds of scarf type as mentioned above. Here we start with the article on weaving football scarf. Such garments are generally used in non-winter months. There is not much use because it causes heat loss in cold winter months. During the production of woven fan scarf  acrylic yarns and polyester yarns are being produced because of the loss of heat as we said. These wraps are produced by the warp technique. Eight different colors can be used in the same football scarf and color photo prints are also produced in woven football scarf models.
One-sided and two-sided printing are optionally applied to these garments. One-sided woven football scarf are also produced by processing your picture on one side in our production facilities and processed on both sides of the same artwork in our bidirectional woven football scarf. We would like to emphasize that in the case of double color demand, we have applied to both sides as the five colors of the eight colors that we have written above. The amount demanded in woven hats is of course produced in accordance with the demands of the customers. These requests should be given quantity information, price information should be taken. Therefore, prices also vary.
There are many uses of the field as well as our writing in weaving football scarves. You can use your daily life, nature activities, walks, whatever you want in the area. Among the demands of the sports clubs, weaving football scarf are also preferred due to the advantage of the chepeast price. We deal with many sports clubs in our company. woven football scarf,  knitting,soccer scarf , sports clubs are made by making designs by processing the logos are produced. In short, we would like to mention the clubs. We anticipate that you may have seen these clubs in those who have visited our online company pages.
Besiktas SK, Fenerbahçe SK, Galatasaray SK, Trabzonspor are manufactured under licenses for four bigger ones in Turkish sports clubs. Apart from these, a number of small and large sports teams in Anatolia and Europe are negotiated after negotiations, and promotional weft production is realized in the direction of these teams. The agreements made with other clubs are produced by our production effects in the quantity and qualities demanded from the licenses one by one and the anticipation is met.
Our scarf production company MSV Atki continues its production in the local teams besides the well known big teams from abroad, which has been very successful and has been awarded contracts with Manchester United FC, Liverpool FC, Juventus FC and FC Barcelona in sports clubs of other nations known by its qualified production mentality.
We would like to mention that we have the production capacity to meet the demand of weft wefts as our company and that we offer you the best price football scarf production opportunity.

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